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Beyond Smart Deli™ Marketing - Deli Hospitality

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Everybody is coming home. While Pantry Loading has stopped, and Restaurants are proceeding with caution, the Deli has a green light!

Delis are either innovating or Marketing-- everything else is an expense.

Deli Hospitality is Greeting, Invitation, Face to Face® Engagement, and "The Experience".

Beyond Smart Deli™ Marketing: Word-of-Mouth, Customer Acquisition Portal™, Deli Halo™ and Deli Bakery Halo

New in 2021 from the manufacturers of Deli Buddy®:

Deli Pal™ Narrow Aisle Back Bar Docking Station for Narrow Aisle Delis, US Patent #9,440,667 and

Deli Champ™ Stationary Service Platforms

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